Kipling Learning 2.0

Fixed working hours

We will have a fixed schedule per section, in order to strengthen the structure and planning of the day.

We will use the direct teaching technique of videoconferences

As students do not have prior knowledge, it is important that there is direct feedback to achieve the expected learning.

Videoconferences under the change of didactic stimulus approach

Goodbye to boredom! This approach privileges the diversity of activities within the teaching-learning process.

Reduction of homework in Preschool and Primary

Extra class work will be minimal. These activities will take place within the daily videoconferences with the guidance of the teacher.

Use of Google Classroom

It will be used to share materials, notices, and a reduced number of learning evidences.

Complete study program

It will be addressed in its entirety, including special materials that will strengthen the integral formation of our students.

Weekly work schedule

In Classroom and the Kipling App, the academic work schedules of the three sections will be published weekly.

Socio-emotional support

We will implement activities with a socio-emotional focus every week.

Digital learning tools

The use of digital tools for learning will be implemented according to each stage of the development of our students. We will make the most of the virtual environment!


Parents will receive periodic feedback on their child's academic development through virtual appointments and / or phone calls as well as by mail.

Parents Kipling Service Commission

Created to accompany and help our families in any institutional matter.
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