An environment of harmony, working, and love

In Kindergarten we promote learning experiences that contribute to potentiate the development processes of our little ones, so that they know how to act effectively in everyday life situations, through the implementation of knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and values.

  • We foster an environment of harmony, respect and love so that our little ones interact with confidence and security.
  • We encourage the active and dynamic participation of our children, working collaboratively so that they learn to share belongings and respect different points of view.
  • We empower their abilities, skills, and attitudes so that they acquire life tools that help them to be autonomous and responsible.
  • We promote the care for nature by developing in students an ecological thinking.
  • We provide educational experiences that make them live and enjoy learning.

We carry out activities that involve challenges. We participate in presentations and contests; we make cultural visits around the city. We have fun playing and learning in our spaces of inquiry and creativity:

  • Development of motor skills.
  • Playroom; I decide to explore; I learn habits of order.
  • In the laboratory, I am an explorer.
  • - Fun Math Workshop "I show thinking skills with the mystery boxes".
  • Story time.
  • Literary workshops.
  • I relax with classical music
  • I plant, produce vegetables, and prepare salads.
  • I'm an inspector, I classify garbage.
  • "Show and tell", I listen, understand, speak, and write in English.
  • I sing and dance with rhythm and movement.
  • I build models in my Robotics class. (PP)
  • I learn on my computer and using a Smart TV.
  • I take care of my diet in a healthy and balanced way. (We offer optional lunch)

In order to enrich the children's training, we offer workshops in extended hours from Monday to Friday from 1:45 to 2:10 (at no extra cost).

  • Awakening my senses
  • Motor skills and graph motor skills
  • Science for kids
  • Soccer
  • Jazz
  • Story workshop
  • Melodic
  • Playing with letters and numbers
  • Works collaboratively, promoting healthy coexistence among classmates, with a positive sense of themselves and of others.
  • Solves mathematical problems creatively, showing thinking skills.
  • Reads and writes in English and Spanish using both fonts (script and italics)
  • Deduces, compares, hypothesizes, checks, and exchanges opinions.
  • Uses technology with cutting-edge strategies.
  • Identifies customs and traditions of his/her country and other cultures.
  • Expresses feelings, likes, preferences, and needs in English and Spanish.

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